Welcome to Station Point.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I think it of great importance to evaluate any information with, among other things, true knowledge of whence it came.  One corollary of this belief–and the gist of this metaphor– is that the substance of any statement needs to be judged, as a threshold matter, in light of the beliefs and biases of the one making it.  This takes no small amount of effort and insight, but in the end it’s well worth the trouble.Perspectives-Two-Point-Distortion-&-Complications-06

A side benefit of cultivating this way of looking at things is the resultant habit of playing Devil’s advocate when confronted with opinions or conclusions that seem to be, on their face, beyond any reasonable contention.  In my experience such things usually prove out to be anything but incontrovertible in a disturbing number of those instances.

So–having said all that let me go the other way for a bit and assure you, gentle reader, that this site is not intended to be a platform for contrarian social or political opinion but rather as a vehicle for whatever subject matter strikes my fancy, writing-wise.  It’s just that you should be forewarned of how I tend to look at things, going in.

As it happens, I find myself emerging from a very long hiatus from writing, so on these pages you may well see random pieces of work that are more than a few years old, juxtaposed with ramblings fresh off the keyboard.  I’ll apologize in advance, also, as this site is and will be for some time to come, the proverbial work-in-progress.  I will attempt to bring some order to the madness, as time progresses, hopefully with greater success than I’ve had with my own life to date, but in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “so it goes”.


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